Approximately 34 million Americans provide unpaid care for aging adult family members each year. Many family caregivers juggle childcare, work and elder caregiving. Covid adds an even greater stress factor to this juggling act.

Those over 65 were most at risk as the Covid pandemic began and certainly remain vulnerable. Vaccines have helped reduce the severity in many cases but there are still several documented breakthrough cases as the virus mutates. In addition, even those who are vaccinated are said to be able to carry and spread the disease. There is still a need for everyone to be cautious.

Now the Delta variant is spreading through the 18 and under age group. Covid vaccines are currently only approved for children 12 and over. As children go back to school, transmission rates are likely to increase among the unvaccinated. As family caregivers juggle childcare, work and eldercare there is often fear and worry about spreading the virus among vulnerable family members. Minimizing gatherings where exposure can happen is recommended.

Lifeline Homecare can help in the fight against Covid and reduce stress for caregivers balancing the needs of different generations. By bringing in homecare caregivers to assist, clients can stay safe and healthy at home. This alleviates stress among family members and the strain on overburdened medical facilities. As hospitals reach capacity and manage health conditions for patients, homecare becomes even more important. Caregivers trained in safety and infection control, may notice hazards in the home or minor changes in client condition and are able to prevent falls or exacerbations of issues. By utilizing homecare services, eveyone gets the care and attention they need without unduly exposing family members to risk…and the best part – caregivers get a much needed break!

*Note: Lifeline caregivers are trained in proper infection control procedures to mitigate the spread of disease, including Covid. Personal protective equipment (ppe) is provided to each caregiver to protect them and their clients.