Senior isolation during the pandemic reached an all-time high. There are many articles suggesting that isolation, loneliness, and depression have become major health concerns among the senior population.

In addition to loneliness, ER visits within this age group are also on the rise. The CDC reports a yearly average of 29 million ER visits by patients 60 and over. Their data shows that the risk of hospitalizations increases with age and chronic conditions.

Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time, but our home care services can lift a person’s spirit and help oversee their health and wellbeing! Caregivers are trained to assist seniors in the activities that keep patients safe at home. Two of the main causes of hospitalizations are falls and poor management of their medical condition, including medication management. These are important tasks that are satisfied with home care.

Making a difference in a senior’s life is the goal of every caregiver. That’s why they chose this line of work. Over the years, we have seen incredible friendships develop. As care managers, it is our job to assess the client’s needs and ensure that the care plan addresses exactly what tasks need to be accomplished each visit, and what risks the caregiver should avoid. We always like to get family feedback too to ensure that we’re not missing anything. It is a team effort, and communication is key.

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