Subscription Chore Services

Have you decided to age in place – YOUR place – or are you supporting a family member who has made this decision? When you need help with home maintenance, our monthly subscription service can help. It makes a GREAT GIFT too!

Monthly Subscription Services

Choose either (min. 6 visits):

  • 6 mos. subscription
  • 12 mos. subscription
  • 24 mos. subscription

May be paid by credit card.

Choose from list of chores and choose the frequency needed (bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly).

Windows & Webs – Glass and frames of windows and doors cleaned + webs wiped down (indoors).

Blinds & Baseboards – Window blinds and baseboards dusted and wiped clean throughout home.

Kitchen Cupboard & Cabinet Cleaning – Expired items identified, shelves cleaned, drawers and doors cleaned, shelf lining inserted (if provided), remaining items placed back inside clean cabinets.

Interior Closet Cleaning – All items removed, sorted and organized, flooring and shelves cleaned, items reorganized and replaced as directed.

Rug Care – Area rugs and flooring underneath cleaned.

Fresh & Fluff Bedding – Bed linens changed, laundered and stored as needed. Pillows plumped and/or fluffed in dryer, bed frame cleaned, mattress vacuumed 

Bright & Clean Bathrooms – All bathroom fixtures cleaned and sanitized. Floors, mirrors, towels, rugs, washcloths laundered, folded, placed appropriately.

Immaculate Appliances – Refrigerator cleaned out, expired items tossed, interior wiped down. Stove burners, oven, microwave cleaned. Dishwasher cleaned and sanitized. Sinks, kitchen countertops and countertop appliances cleaned and sanitized appropriately.

Laundry and Quick Clean – Priority laundry separated into loads according to color and fabric. Washed, dried, folded, and placed appropriately.  High traffic areas cleaned using vacuum or broom to remove loose dirt while laundry is cycling. Furniture dusted or glass cleaned as laundry chores allow.

All Floor Chores – Loose dirt removed from all hardwood or vinyl flooring. Floors mopped and sanitized appropriately. Carpets and area rugs cleaned with vacuum, spot cleaner or steam cleaned as needed. Garage and porch areas swept.

Outdoor Seasonal Chores – Outdoor spaces swept. Outdoor furniture cleaned, covered or uncovered and placed appropriately.  Plants trimmed. 

Holiday Help – Assistance with shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, shipping items as needed. Place or remove decor and store as directed.

Check in & Cheer Up – Lifeline care professional to deliver cookies, chocolates, cupcake or flowers to bring cheer and alleviate loneliness.  While spending time with recipient they may prepare a meal, look at photos together, go for a walk, have a manicure, etc.

Errands or Escort – Client makes shopping and errand list then sends care professional to do errands or utilizes their assistance as they accompany on errand running.