Because Life Happens at Home

HOME IS AN IMPORTANT PLACE. It’s where we feel comfortable, peaceful and sheltered. It’s where memories are made and moments are shared.  In Kentucky, our heritage punctuates the importance of home. Rural areas, family homes and picturesque horse farms connect generations to “place”. Family traditions and cultural influences impact Kentuckians in unique ways. Sometimes being from Kentucky might be the only way to understand the intensity of the Big Blue Nation. Basketball, family, good food, perfectly-aged bourbon and exciting horse races keep Kentuckians proud of our lovely state and the way of
life here.

Lifeline Homecare started in Somerset, KY in 1989 and continues to focus its service within Kentucky. Regional offices dispersed throughout the state as well as, local coordinators serve clients in most every county in Kentucky. We consider it a privilege to provide in-home care and support to assist Kentuckians as they age-in-place at home. Often our caregivers are neighbors or live in the same communities with the very clients they serve. There is something quite special about sharing community knowledge, understanding local happenings, speaking with the same accents and dialect, enjoying the same local recipes, appreciating the Kentucky landscape, and sharing a Kentuckian’s special appreciation for our “old Kentucky home”.

Perhaps a quote from former Kentucky Senator and Governor, The Honorable “Happy” Chandler captures the appeal of being a Kentuckian…”I never met a Kentuckian who wasn’t either thinking about going home or actually going home.”

“Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.”

— Daniel Boone

“I take with me Kentucky embedded in mybrain and heart,
in my flesh and bone and blood, since I am Kentucky and Kentucky is part
of mc.”

— Jesse Stuart from ‘Kentucky is My Land.‘