Customized Intermittent Care Services

No two people are exactly the same and no two situations requiring homecare services are the same.  Lifeline Homecare offers individualized plans for intermittent care that meets the needs of clients and families on their terms. Following are some flexible options for planning for the service you need.

Transition Home from Hospital/Rehab Stay

One time – 4 hrs. of service  $100  

May include supported transport if needed, medication pick-up/set-up, home safety assessment* or housekeeping, procurement of food and supplies, meal prep and planning, post calendar of follow-up appointments and care instructions plus emergency/support contacts.

Twice per week – 2.5 hrs. of service/visit  $125 per week

Service to provide personal care, home maintenance, companionship, medication monitoring, reminders, transport to follow-up appointments, chores as appropriate.

Monthly Options (based on 4 weeks/mo)

Once per week for one month/ 2.5 hrs of service/visit  $250 per month

Twice per week for one month/ 2.5 hrs. of service/visit $ 500 per month 

Three times per week for one month/ 2.5 hrs of service/visit $750 per month

Daily Options (as few or as many days as you need):

Wake Up Well – 2.5 hours of service in the morning to get up, showered/bathed, dressed, morning meal, med reminders, bed change/make, lunch prep and tidying up.

Midday Check-In – 2.5 hours of service midday to prepare lunch, clean-up, light laundry, med reminder, tidying up

Sundown Wind Down – 2.5 hours of service at the end of the day to provide evening meal, bath/shower, dressed for sleep/rest, med reminders, prep for breakfast, prepare bedding for night, secure residence.

Discounted rates may be available for extended service duration.

Customized options available up to 24/hr/day.

* Home safety assessment includes a visit to the client’s home to identify possible safety hazards, educate how to best address safety issues, suggest and assist in creating safer environment.