Transportation/Errand Service/Escort

Driving is significantly linked to independence. It’s often a very sensitive subject, but being safe on the road has never been more important. If you or your aging family members are struggling with sight issues, delayed reaction times or even confusion due to changes in intersections or roadways, then having someone else drive may be a relief.

Missed appointments, going without food or medications, and fear of driving may be signals that aging loved ones need transportation or errand services.  And, it might be as simple as they just don’t want to go to the store on their own.

Managing appointments and errands for someone who is not comfortable driving a vehicle can be time consuming, especially when balancing family and work obligations. We can help.

Lifeline Homecare offers transportation, errand and escort services.  Caregivers can drive their own vehicles or client vehicles (if insurance permits).  They can assist with ambulation into and out of the automobile. Drive clients to appointments or desired locations. Caregivers may also help by escorting clients into offices or stores and even stay with them for the duration of the visit.  When shopping, caregivers can help locate and place desired items into shopping carts, load and unload shopping bags, etc.

Call Lifeline Homecare today to arrange for safe, reliable, supported transportation, errand or escort services.

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