Why Choose Lifeline Homecare?

We can relate

Choosing someone to help care for yourself or someone you care about is an important decision. Often emotions, strong opinions, concerns for safety, cost and stress play into considerations.  We understand.  We are here to help you sort through options and design a plan to support you or your loved one the very best way possible.

“I get exceptional service from Lifeline Homecare.
My caregivers, Sue and Gillian, are more like close friends.”

— Carolyn Boston, Bracken County


We will help guide you.

The best first step is to speak to a Lifeline Homecare Navigator. This is a free consultation by phone to discuss current care needs and circumstances.  By having this conversation, we will answer your important questions and share resources and recommendations most appropriate for your situation. There is NO COST for this discussion.

If after speaking to our homecare navigator, you wish to proceed, Lifeline Homecare will schedule a free in-home consultation to finalize plans to begin your services. Again, this is provided at NO CHARGE to clients.

We offer flexible services, packages and schedules to meet your individual needs.

Choose from many options ranging from occasional help to constant companionship to specialized service specific to chronic conditions.  See our complete list of SERVICES

We can help reduce exacerbations of illness and unnecessary hospitalizations.

Homecare is an important part of healthcare.  Studies indicate homecare can alleviate some serious deterrents to health such as loneliness, medication mismanagement, poor nutrition, lack of transportation and follow-up with physicians. Lifeline Homecare caregivers become very invested in relationships with clients, often feeling like friends or surrogate family members.

By being involved regularly, our caregivers often recognize changes in health status before issues become too serious and can encourage, or even transport, clients to see their regular doctor before the situation leads to potentially unnecessary hospitalization.

Without reminders, many clients confuse instructions for taking medications appropriately. Our caregivers can remind and manage a consistent routine for medications.

Proper nutrition is extremely important. Lifeline Homecare caregivers can provide escort services to go alongside clients to purchase groceries or errand service to go to the grocery for clients. Our caregivers are trained in basic nutrition and meal preparation and are able to prepare fresh, nutritious, regular meals for clients.

By providing bathing, dressing and grooming, caregivers help clients maintain dignity and pride. Keeping the home tidy, sanitized and free of fall hazards help clients feel secure and safe at home.

We are trained and prepared to provide exceptional service.

  • All Caregivers undergo thorough background checks.
  • All Caregivers must pass drug tests.
  • All Caregivers must have current driver’s licenses and appropriate insurance.
  • All Caregivers are covered by worker’s compensation insurance.
  • All Caregivers are bonded and insured.
  • All Caregivers complete the following required classes before serving clients:
    1. Assisting with independent living through Activities of Daily Living
    2. Assisting with personal care
    3. Client Rights/HIPPA & Elder Abuse
    4. Emergency Procedures
    5. Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Environment
    6. Safety Precautions & Fall Preventions part 1
    7. Safety Precautions & Fall Preventions part 2
    8. What does it mean to be a professional Care Giver?

  •  Additional trainings include:
    1. Working with Aging Population
    2. Assisting with Oral Hygiene
    3. Introduction to Dementia Care
    4. Instruction in caring for specific disease diagnoses (Stroke, Parkinson’s, Cancer, etc.)

Lifeline Homecare utilizes an electronic management system to ensure efficiency and accountability.