Incidental Transportation Services

The availability of transportation enables loved ones to live independently in their own homes, prevents isolation and possibly the need for long-term care placement. Research shows that the psychological well-being of individuals is impacted as they feel a loss of mobility and spontaneity, and they experience an increase in planning and waiting times.  Often our loved ones feel that they must plan around others’ schedules and that trips are increasingly made out of necessity rather than for social reasons.

Lifeline Homecare can help your loved one get where they need to go.  As part of our transportation services, we’ll help get your loved one ready, accompany them to appointments, take notes and stay with them until they are ready to leave.  We will make sure they get home safe and sound.

Let us help your loved one:

  • Keep doctor’s appointments
  • Go to therapy or the pharmacy
  • Visit the hairdresser or barber
  • Visit with family and friends
  • Attend religious services, lectures, concerts and plays
  • Attend social events (graduations, reunions, birthdays, weddings)
  • Drop off or pick up dry cleaning
  • Pick up prescription and other medications
  • Go to the grocery or other shopping