Did you know that surveys show 70% of COPD patients have limited physical activity, 56% have issues with completing household chores, and 53% feel limited in social activities? Do you know someone with COPD that is facing the same issues? Our caregivers can help! We help our clients manage their disease while supporting their safety and independence at the same time. People with chronic conditions such as COPD, benefit significantly from home care. Not only does having assistance make life easier, but our care strategies can also really help minimize flare-ups that lead to complications and ultimately, hospitalizations. Helping our clients manage their chronic conditions is a focus for us. If there is someone in your life that you know is limited in their abilities, perhaps it is time to consider home care services to help secure their safety and independence. Please call our office or visit our website for more information regarding our services. Please call our office at 844-543-3546 for more information regarding our services.